Pollux EP

by Acid City Line

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released June 20, 2012

Producer/Mixing/Engineer - Ben Walding, Brad Bensko on Self Destruct in Imperfection.

Album art done by Gabriel Sorondo



all rights reserved


Acid City Line Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Great Escape
What element has brought me here
the loss of light and atmosphere
walls keep breathing frequently
above my head i see the teeth

Just found myself another way
Been inside the beast for days
Now people seem a little strange
it's time to start over again

You treat me like a parasite
but you don't know how it was like
i kept quiet, thought instead
I'll keep the darkness in my head

Kept me hidden, put away
lost some life but i'm ok
I take it you'll be fine as well
without me living in your hell
out of practice, i move on
while you're upset that i am gone
but this is better, i agree
we wont weaken commonly
Track Name: Self Destruct in Imperfection
Found you sitting on the clouds and staring
Pointed out towards the fading sun
Looks as if you're hardly caring
Like you know it's temporary

Drifting thirsty in a hidden wasteland
And I am here because of you
you took me here in hopes i'd make it
but everything awfully screwed

Broken bodies walk beside me
waiting to be taken home
but i don't think that they believe it
they know the broken die alone

Living like the worlds against us
like criminals amongst the rest
forced to hide away suspended
cursed days I can't forget

I took her life with good intention
crooked child, you must be ill
I thought ridding her would keep us closer
I trade a sin for some goodwill

Broken bodies walk beside me
waiting to be taken home
but i don't think that they believe it
they know the broken die alone

You and I will start a garden
grow a tree and live inside it
the earth is kind but you're the kindest
I'm unpure but you don't mind it
they started war, obsessive violence
we're the kill and they're the arson
burned our world and made us watch it

I lost it in hate
but that's what you wanted

Broken bodies hide behind me
(Take the thorns out of your eyes)
you've done enough, for this I thank you
(keep your hearts linked up to mine)
Halting death like it's rebellion
(Using all your million lives)
Self destruct in imperfection
Track Name: Decayed
stabbing at my core
it keeps you entertained
If love can hit you hard
you become inhumane
Guilty like it says
hands red with bloody paint
don't waste yourself in time
you'll slowly be replaced

To me it's strange
that we were made
from dreams and faith
but we decayed

Drunk with idle hands
but conscious of your deeds
you make believe its planned
its all part of the creed
Practice in your sleep
with simulating eyes
when something nice goes wrong
I see nothing benign